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ACME (Automatic Configuration Memory Error-injection) is an open-source tool designed to translate the configuration memory essential bits of a Xilinx SRAM-based FPGA region into injection addresses for the Xilinx SEM IP controller. ACME needs the EBD file of the complete design together with the pBlock coordinates of the design under test as inputs to generate a text file containing the injection addresses of the specified range. The executable file has been compiled for win64 architectures and can be found in the .zip folder. The C++ source files are also provided for further extension of the tool to other FPGA target architectures. Currently, ACME supports the ZedBoard, the Basys3 Artix-7, the Nexys 4 DDR, the ZC706, and the KCU105 UltraScale.
V1 ACME 1.0 -> Under GPL license
The ACME tool is free to use in any academic work, providing that the terms of the GPL license are met and the following paper is cited:

L.A. Aranda, A. Sánchez-Macián, J.A. Maestro, "ACME: A Tool to Improve Configuration Memory Fault Injection in SRAM-Based FPGAs", IEEE Access, Vol. 7, September 2019.

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